Carver Owners Club

The Carver Owners Club is not affiliated in any way with the Carver Boat Corporation of Pulaski, Wisconsin. Carver is a registered trademark of the Carver Boat Corporation and retains all rights in its use.  We depend solely on fees generated from membership and events to fund the Carver Owners Club.

Privacy, Personal Data Use, and Emails

The Carver Owners' Club policies related to your privacy and our use of personal data you provide are very simple:  The Club does not sell, rent, loan, or provide your membership information to anyone, except as required and with your permission for attendance at our events.  For example, we cannot make slip reservations for you without providing the marina with some of your membership information.  The Club may ask your permission to have another member contact you for specific information.  For instance, a member may have specific information about an air conditioner installation that another member completed.  We may ask you to share your contact information with the other member for more detailed information.

The Club does not store your credit card information anywhere.  You must re-enter your credit card information every time you make a purchase from the club.  The Club NEVER calls or emails you asking for your credit card or username and password.  Do not respond to such emails or calls and notify the Club if you receive such a solicitation.

Sharing your username and password is a violation of your membership agreement with the Club.  If you share your username and password with anyone without the Club's permission, your membership will be terminated.  Some members give their boat broker their username and password to post their boat for sale.  The Club usually allows this, unless the broker has violated our membership terms in the past.  If you cannot afford to have your own membership and must share it with others, sell your yacht and buy a day sailer. 

The Club emails invitations to upcoming events that may be of interest to you.  You can choose to stop all emails from the Club by Opting Out from the email your receive.  You will also receive an email within thirty days of your membership expiration.  Our emails comply with all policies related to avoiding spam.

The Club has agreements with third party providers of goods and services at special member prices.  We must occasionally confirm your membership in the club to meet our obligation to the third party providers.  The Club does not provide any information, but we will confirm membership based on information you provide to those third parties.  For example, we have an agreement with a boating supply company that offers a 10 to 15 percent discount to members only.  We will confirm your active membership.  Please note that any information provided to the third party is subject to their privacy and use of personal data policies.  The Club is not responsible for their policies.


The Carver Owners Club was started to provide a fun place to exchange information and meet new friends through boating.  We try to save you more each year than the cost of membership.  Several members have saved thousands of dollars by getting information from the Club.  More importantly, we've found great new friends that we can share boating adventures.  You get out of the Club what you are willing to put into it.  Fifty bucks a year does not provide you with personal, private consultations, expert witnesses at your lawsuit against anyone, or full-service brokerage services.  If you don't plan to participate in the Club by going onto Boat Talk and answering as well as asking questions, attending some of the Events, or volunteering to help the Club, you're going to be disappointed.  We know the Internet and all of the information on it should be free and my nickname should be Stud Muffin, but neither is actually true.  Deal with it.

You do have to accept some of our guidelines for the site that protect us in order to join the Carver Owners Club. Membership is open to owners or prospective buyers of Carver, Californian, and Trojan boats.  The Carver Owners Club reserves the right to deny any applicant permission to join the club.  The annual membership fee is $50.00. Your membership period expires one year from the date of registration.  That is, if you join in November of this year, your membership expires at the end of November the following year.  You may pay by credit card over our secure transaction web site or by check.  Membership fees are NOT refundable.  Your membership is NOT immediately active following registration.  We review each application for membership and renewal.  Your membership is usually activated on the same day that you enroll.  Sometimes it takes a bit longer.  If your membership application is not approved, we will refund your application fee.  We do not offer trial memberships or temporary access to the site.  Our members are from most States in the US and several Canadian Provinces.  We have a few members in Europe and Asia.  

You can contact us by calling 800-540-2926.  We are on the east coast, so please consider that when calling us.  You can also contact us by completing the Contact Us form.  We'll reply by email.

You must open your spam filter to accept emails from the Carver Owners Club.  We will not complete forms in response to our emails.  It may be in your interest to only open your spam filter to accept specific email addresses.  Call us for specific email addresses.

Access and Share Knowledge Through Boat Talk and Club News

The Carver Owners Club provides a discussion forum for its members.  Moderators periodically review Boat Talk and attempt to get answers to some questions.  The success or failure of Boat Talk depends on the membership reading and responding to postings on Boat Talk.  The Club cannot answer all of the questions presented.  As a member of the Carver Owners Club you can share experiences with and obtain information from other Carver owners.  That vexing little problem that has been bothering you for weeks has quite possibly already been solved by another Carver owner.  Post your question on Boat Talk and find out.  Even better, read through Boat Talk and share your experiences with others.  Members who post questions or comments on Boat Talk are notified by email when another member or moderator posts a reply.

We reserve the right to edit or delete any entries that we consider unsuitable for our web site. Some examples of what we consider unsuitable are pictures of unclothed people, personal attacks, or solicitation of Carver Owners Club members.  If you would like to have a special category with other members, let me know and I'll set that up.  Solicitation of other members can take the form of posting your personal email address or phone number or linking a reply to another business web site.  If you would like to advertise on the Carver Owners Club website, contact us for details.

Information appearing on the web site may not be correct, accurate, or reasonable. Like any other anonymous communication, some people may try to take advantage of you and we cannot stop that.  Members who solicit other members or present objectionable materials will have their membership terminated.  Again, no refunds.  The moderators are experienced boaters but are not subject matter experts.  We cannot answer any questions concerning the legal definition of anything.

 All suggestions for article ideas, actual submission of stories or articles, and comments about the newsletter are greatly appreciated.  Again, anything appearing in the newsletter should be considered as opinion, not fact.  We make efforts to be factual, but we cannot be held liable for anything appearing in the website or other communications.

Owners Album

You are encouraged to put pictures of your boat and yourself in our Owners Album pages.  This is a way to show friends and family around the world one of your prized possessions.  It is like having your own boat web page.  We also have an absolutely unused section called Cruises that is sort of like a FaceBook for our Members.  You can post photos, YouTube videos, and descriptions of where you have been.  If you would like to use this feature, let me know.


The Carver Owners Club sponsors Events. Members receive first rights of refusal when space is limited.  We encourage members to set up their own events by contacting us.  The Club is looking for other volunteer coordinators in various regions of the world to help host sponsored events.

Accessories MarketPlace

The Club provides an Accessories Marketplace where you can offer priceless junk for sale. We've had great success with the Accessories Marketplace. Members listing accessories for sale must clearly state the condition of the goods being sold. If the lising member does not accurately describe the good for sale, the buying member has the right to return the good to the Club for evaluation. If the description is inaccurate or misleading, the buying member will receive a full refund, including shipping.


Membership in the Carver Owners Club is limited to owners or prospective owners of Carver, Californian, and Trojan boats.  Your substantial investment in one of the finest yachts produced can now be recognized with your participation in this association

If you agree to all of the above and have at least $50.00 credit on a charge card after owning a boat, please fill out the secure payment form and we will process your request to join. Your personal information will not be sold or distributed to any other party, although other members do have access to your 'screen name' and may attempt to contact you that way. You may want to use a different screen name and password for your Carver Owners Club membership identification. Please don't use your boat name as your password.  Your membership becomes active only after the Club receives payment and after we have approved your application.  You will not get immediate access to the member's only portion of the website.  You will be notified by email when your membership is approved.

Nifty T-shirt                          


With your paid membership, you will receive a navy blue, 100% cotton t-shirt with the Carver Owners Club logo. Please note that it may take 2-3 weeks to receive your t-shirt . 


Clicking on the Accept button below indicates your legally binding agreement to the above terms and conditions. 


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